Pete Styles

Choreographer & Movement Director

Born and raised in England, though currently resides between London and Los Angeles.

Renown for his ability to combine different dance styles within his unique movement within dance. 

Before making the transition into choreography, Pete has danced for world class artists such as Cardi B, Kendrick Lemar, Britney Spears, WILL I AM, Off Set, Kylie Minogue, Jhene Aiko, Big Sean and more. Also having danced in the famous African dance scene within Coming To America 2.

Pete has an outstanding ability to be able to create within multiple genres of dance. Allowing him to work from outside the box without any limitations. He has choreographed for artist such as Gwen Stefani, Sean Paul, Blue, youtube star Johnny Orlando and more.  

His choreography has been aired on tv shows such as “ So You Think You Can Dance” in Los Angles, The Mobo Awards, Eurovision contest and The Voice.

He has the knowledge and experience for crossing his work over from video to live stage. Adaptability is key.

Pete Styles


So You Think You Can Dance - Afro Jazz Number, Ananya 'Meant To Be Me' (Music Video), Evan Michael Green 'No Celing' (Music Video), Johnny Orlando 'Let Go' (Music Video), LA Clippers & Kids Clipps (NBA), Sean Paul (Mobo Awards), Gwen Stefani 'Misery' (Music Video), Blue (Eurovision Contest), Burger King (TV Commercial)