Joshua Pilmore


A choreographer that epitomises Generation-Z, Joshua Base Pilmore is a choreographer living in London renowned for his powerful style of commercial dance. 

His choreographic work spans to all aspects of the industry from featuring in TV Adverts for Vogue, M&S and Samsung, live performances on The Tonight show Jimmy Fallon, Coachella and Primavera as well as music videos and two World tours for Rina Sawayama to name a few. Joshua is also the resident choreographer at the iconic London cabaret club ’The Windmill’. With a wide range of choreography experience using large groups of dancers to solos, Joshua is a versatile and professional creative. Joshua is also a dance teacher who has travelled internationally to LA, Spain, Copenhagen and Israel to name a few and prides himself on being a good communicator who can teach dancers/performers at any level.

Joshua Pilmore


'YMMS' - Ashnikko (Music Video), 'Weedkiller' - Ashnikko, 'Hot Seat' - CuteBad (Music Video), 'Body Says' - Salt Ashes (Music Video), Coachella (Rina Sawayama), 'You Don't Really Wanna' - Cute Bad (Music Video), 'Hold The Girl' World Tour - Rina Sawayama, 'Outta My Head' - Julie Bergan (Music Video), Vogue X Samsung Flip, 'Griselda' - Nolay (Music Video), Brit Awards 2021 for Rina Sawayama, 'The Dynasty Tour' World Tour - Rina Sawayama, 'CONTOUR' Tour - James Indigo