Feature Film

Lauren Haywood, Cruze Philip, Idney De'Almeida, Shakirudeen Alade, Becky Wong, Prabhleen Oberoi, Jordan Franklin, Miranda Chambers, Daniela Alves, Sarah Seville, Christie Lee Manning, Steven Thompson, Matthew Miller, Ashleigh Honeyghan, Reece Daniels, James Davies, Laura Dougan, Hannah Millott, Joel Gooding, Kieran Daley-Ward, Charlotte Wilmott, JackWhitehead, Florivaldo Mossi, Tia Denton, Busola Peters, Nicole Valverde, Irene Salvi, Oli Metzler, Martha Gimson, Neave Harvey, Charlotte Dickinson, Tyson Simon, Hannah Bodenham, Michele Zanette, Ryan North, Myles Newland, Myles Brown, Emmanuel Kome, 

The trailer is out and we couldn't be more excited to see our legends and new faces make their artistic appearances in this exciting new film in cinemas this year. Featuring Ariana Grande, Cynthia Erivo and Jeff Goldblum, this is all set to be a massive sensation at the box office.

Special shout out to Jamie Davies-Williams to whom will make his debut as the Young Wizard. 

Produced by NBC Universal.